Swallow Cinnamon, Plant an Acorn

Ben the Librarian
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32 writing prompts from 32 writers, all originally published as part of an ongoing interview series at neonpajamas.com. Hyperlinks to all interviews are included throughout the PDF, as well as sketchbook illustrations from Ladon Alex. 

Writers include: Mathias Svalina, Jennifer L. Knox, Heather Christle, Bud Smith, Matthea Harvey, Zachary Schomburg, Ben Loory, Victoria Chang, Bob Hicok, Dean Young, Bianca Stone, Michael Bazzett, Sarah Rose Etter, Michael Earl Craig, Matthew Rohrer, CA Conrad, Sabrina Orah Mark, Kathryn Scanlan, Jennifer Willoughby, Chloe N. Clark, Richard Garcia, Rick Bursky, Linh Dinh, Shivani Metha, Mikko Harvey, Dalton Day, Meghan Privitello, GennaRose Nethercott, Ana Bozicevic, S. Jane Sloat, P. Scott Cunningham, Matthew Olzmann. Phew. 

I want this!


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